Everything You Need to Know About Octordle In 2022


Wordle is the inspiration for Octordle, a new take on the classic game. Although Wordle and Octordle are similar in many aspects, Octordle has a few notable differences. A five-letter word is the focus of Wordle, whereas Octordle asks players to identify eight five-letter words simultaneously. For some players, even guessing a single five-letter word may be too much of a challenge, so making it seven more letters may be a bad idea. Wordle-like functionality is included in this game. It’s similar to Wordle in that it’s played in a browser. If a letter appears in a word, but in a different place, it will become yellow. You’ll see a green checkmark if you’re at the right place.

What is Octordle?

Similar to Wordle, Octordle is a brand-new puzzle game. With that being said, this game has a fantastic twist. If you’ve mastered Wordle and want to improve your completion rate, give Octordle a go. Game difficulty has been increased eightfold compared to Wordle. Because the player must solve eight words at once. Octordle’s only other drawback is the limited number of attempts the player has to solve the problem.

In addition, each word inside the puzzle has its own grid. For each word you guess, a separate grid is used. However, the rules for each word are the same as on Wordle. It’s all the same in terms of color palette, too. To avoid having to learn any new rules, you may just use the existing Wordle rules and color clues. It’s the greatest choice for those who are seeking or seeking to be challenged, as well as those who wish to be challenged themselves. It’s impossible for the ordinary Wordle player to complete Octordle at the current level of difficulty.

Explanation of Octordle Mods

There are two ways of playing for the Octordle problem, as you know. Find out the difference between these two types of play here. So, without further ado, let us begin with Octordle mode.

Daily Octordle

The user can choose to play one Octordle puzzle per day in this mode. Once the timer expires, a new puzzle will be shown. In order to pass their daily puzzle, the player must complete the problem in 13 attempts, or he or she will be disqualified. There will be a puzzle for everyone to complete on that precise day, regardless of where they live.

Free Octordle

Practicing the Octordle puzzle approach is a snap in this mode. To solve the puzzle, the player must simultaneously guess eight five-letter words. When playing in free mode, each completed puzzle unlocks a new one. Octordle may be played indefinitely in free mode since there is no time restriction on how many puzzles you can solve.

How To Play Octordle

So far, you’ve learned enough to begin tackling the Octordle riddles. You should start with Wordle if you haven’t played it before; after you’ve mastered Wordles, you should try Quordle and finally Octordle. If you begin playing Octordle from the beginning, you will unwittingly set the game’s difficulty to its highest setting. In order to play the Octordle Puzzles, follow these steps:

When you go to the Octordle website for the first time, you have to choose one of the ways to play. You have the option of choosing between the Free Octordle and the Daily Octordle option. Following your selection, you will be presented with the game. When you initially open the game, you’ll see a plethora of grids. If you’re looking for additional grids, just scroll down with your mouse. In order to tackle the Octordle problem, you’ll need a solid approach.

The most difficult portion of the game is selecting the grid, which must first be solved. While solving the Octordle problem requires entire focus, you also need to provide your whole attention. You’ll also find it easier to go through each of the first two grids after you’ve mastered them. You’ll learn a lot about AS by paying attention to the colors black, green, and yellow. You may also go on to the next grid if you run into trouble solving a word. If you’re fortunate, you’ll discover the following grid’s secret word. If you go over the allotted number of attempts after that, you may lose the game.

Wordle vs. Octordle

Wordle and Octordle are both constructed using the same fundamental rules, which are then applied to each individual grid. For example, both employ the same word input rules as well as the same color combination (green, yellow, grey). The difference between Octordle and Wordle is that Octordle has eight grids at once, and each of those grids accepts the word that you type in. Using the scroll bar, you may see these grids in full. Only the spoiler-filled answers appear in Wordle, while Octordle reveals the whole solution. Contrary to Dordle, if you choose to copy responses from Octordle, it does so with all outcomes as well.

Tips and Tricks for the Octordle

Plan Your Starting Words

Wordle already emphasizes the value of the first word in a sentence. What about Octordle, though? You should use Octordle like Wordle for solving Octordle, utilizing 5-letter words that are full of vowels and fewer of those with fewer vowels as well as similar letters to your prior guesses—at least for the first few attempts, while you try to figure out how the letters are arranged in the matrix (Sulphur).

Three or four-vowel words such as ADIEU, ABOUT, EQUAL, OUIJA, AUDIO, as well as LOUIE are excellent choices. You must, however, keep in mind that in this case, you must also focus on identifying creature words simultaneously. As a result, I believe it is always a good idea to have a backup plan ready to go. This alternative method consists of nothing more than the recurring strategy of making your first estimate from 5-letter words that include only discrete letters. That’s not all—words made up of the letters that, statistically, make up the most five-letter words. According to the statistics, the letters S, E, O, I, A, T, and U make up the majority of the letters found in 5-letter words. Here are a few words you can make with these letters: It’s time to get your ULTRA on!

Look For Clues OnOctordle Donor Websites

Occasionally, everything else fails, and you’re left at a crossroads with just a few attempts remaining to strike the house melt before it’s too late. If that’s the case, don’t worry; you can still narrow down your term search without cheating, and it’s only a few clicks away. You may utilize a variety of websites, such as bestwordlist.com and wordfinderx.com, to narrow down you areprovide voice search using Octordle’s data. For example, in the image below, we’ll utilize the wordfinderindex website to remove terms from the text. Let’s pretend we’re taking on the grids in the below-mentioned attire.

A simple and appropriate power system seems to be the best option. Stick or STILT are the correct choices for this grid’s response. Entrust grid, on the other hand, is rather clever. All that is left is Y. That’s not all; we also know that the letters A-D-I-U R-O are not included in the response at all, and the letters E-S-T are not contained anywhere in the answer. See what we can discover whether this information is available on the wordfinderindex website. When we input our data, we discovered that there are a total of seven potential five-letter words. Make further guesses and narrow down the set even more, to arrive at the solution.

Top 12 Alternatives to Octordle

To be clear, Wordle is not completely copied or ripped off in the word games listed below. Though similar to Wordle, each has its own unique spin. Consider a Wordle variation where the only words to predict are NSFW. The good news? That is real. It’s known as Lewdle. For those of you who wish to play Wordle-like games, here is our list of the finest Wordle spinoffs.


When playing Squabble, you’re pitted against a variety of different players. You have six chances to identify the proper five-letter word, so you’ll have to act quickly. Players’ hit points are depleted over time, and you’ll lose points if you’re mistaken about a target. In order to regain hit points and inflict harm on your opponents, you must get all of the letters in the letter correctly. You’re out of the game when all of your hit points are depleted, or you run out of guesses.

Modes of operation exist. Two to five players may compete in Blitz, while six to 99 players can compete in Squabble Royale. Until just one player survives, the game will continue. In addition, you may build a lobby and ask your friends to join you in a private game. There is also a replay feature, so you can view everyone else’s predictions in real-time.


The format, as well as color blocks, are the same as in Octordle, as is the visual appearance. But there’s one thing that sets it apart: The use of vulgarity, profanity, or obscenity is clearly marked with a “Content Advisory” on Lewdle, letting you know that you may be offended. You may also choose to “go play Octordle instead!” Each day, you’ll get a new puzzle from Lewdle, with terms ranging from moderate to downright inappropriate for the workplace.


It’s all about location in this Wordle spinoff. If you can correctly identify the depicted nation or region six times, you win. For hints, you’ll see percentages of distance, direction, and closeness instead of the traditional black/grey/yellow/green block layout. So, if you choose Ukraine, Worldle may display you a distance of 55 kilometers and an arrow going northwest with a 34% probability. This indicates that the right nation or region is located 55 kilometers (31 miles) northwest of Ukraine, with a closeness rating of 34%. There is just one puzzle available each day, but there are settings that allow you to make the game more challenging.


Unlike Octordle, Quordle requires you to complete all four Wordle problems in only nine moves, making it a more difficult variant of the game. Wordle’s six-movie limit was removed for Quordle, requiring a new technique for uncovering the answers on each of the game’s four boards.

Even if you are really near to solving the puzzle, it is quite easy to run short of moves in the word game Quordle, so if you are looking for a game that will challenge you, you should definitely give it a go. Want Wordle? You may play as many times as you like by using the practice puzzles, which are offered every day. The only difference between this game and Octordle is the amount of movements you have at your disposal.


Contrary to Wordle’s 5-letter words, the word length in Searchdle is changeable. This makes it a much more difficult game than Wordle. SEO jargon (such as the sitemap in the example above) may be found in many of the answers provided by Searchdle, as can a variety of other SEO-related jargon and acronyms. As an added bonus, the game specifies that the answers provided as guesses need not be literal words. Those with the patience to play Searchdle will like it. SEO geeks will swoon over this one, despite the fact that they will lose a lot.


The motto of SpellTower is “Wordsearch meets strategy,” and that is precisely what you get when you play it. Connect letters to demolish blocks and create new words. As new tiles rise from the bottom of the screen, the game ends if one of the letters is in the top row. Game modes include “puzzle” and “intense” as well as “Zen” and “rush” variations. Have fun with it.

Babble Royale

Intense battle royale multiplayer word game, Babble Royale, is available on PC via Steam. If you’ve played any of the BR series, you’ll recognize a lot of the mechanics. You start off as a letter, you must continue to construct words in order to progress, and you must maintain your position inside the circle (the deadly hot zone). If you can connect words to eliminate opponents’ chances of winning, and if you hold the final word, you win the game. Even though it is not exactly the same as Octordle, it is among the greatest free word games that you can play on your own computer, and it is definitely worth checking out.


Lookdle is a game that’s a lot like Name That Ride, except instead of identifying the ride, you have to guess whose celebrity is shown in the picture. Make 5 guesses, and the picture increases more in focus with each false guess. There are other premade name lists to pick from, although the list does not cover all celebrities. It could be beneficial to determine who can fit in each photograph, but it might also be problematic since it can make it impossible to identify the person shown in the picture.


Have you had enough of the green squares that keep popping up on all of your social networks? Try out Antiwordle. While Antiwordle encourages you to avoid a word by making as many guesses as you can, Octordle encourages you to guess a word each day with the fewest number of guesses possible. We predict the letter will become grey, yellow or red. Gray indicates that the letter is absent from the word and cannot be used again, yellow indicates that the letter is present in the word and must be considered in all ensuing guesses, and red indicates that the letter is in the word’s proper location and has been set in place. Medium. You win if you can use every letter on the keyboard but don’t know what the words mean.

Lord of the Rings

For Tolkien lovers who wish to play Octordle, there is the Lord of the Rings game. The player has six chances to identify a five-letter word from The Lord of the Rings literature, and there are blocks that are yellow, grey, and green in color. Places such as Rohan, well-known individuals like Frodo and Smaug, as well as lesser-known personalities such as Turin, Horin, and Idril, are all candidates for this mystery’s solution. There is just one puzzle every day, but you may play it as many times as you want on the same day. Any web browser supports Lord of the Rings.


Primel is the game for you if you have a passion for numbers. In this game, 6 tries are attempted to estimate a 5-digit prime number. There is just one puzzle available each day, and the grey, yellow, and green squares are back. But what’s even more disheartening about this game is that it just requires a few guesses and is intrinsically challenging. The Octordle website will make you scratch your head. Any web browser you use will allow you to play Primel.


Doodleling identifies himself as an adversary cloned from. The website for the game claims that whereas Absurdle “actively attempts not to give you an answer,” Octordle “actively attempts to lead you in the correct direction with each guess.” At the start of the game, Doodler does not gather words for players to decipher. Instead, he takes advantage of the players’ predictions to whittle down the word list in order to make the game go on for as long as it possibly can. It is impossible for any of the guesses before this one to have the yellow letter in the final word. Best results come from guessing four times. Have a fantastic time!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly Is Octordle?

The goal of Octordle is to find eight hidden words simultaneously. The game Octordle gives players 13 opportunities every day to predict eight five-letter words.

How To Play Octordle?

The objective of the game is to correctly identify eight unknown five-letter words named Octordle within 13 attempts. The color of the blocks changes with each attempt to indicate how close you are to correctly guessing the word. Everything you input will influence both boards at once, enabling you to go through your predictions much more rapidly. You would have a total of 13 chances to guess the answers, and each of the words will consist of five letters. When you write letters that match the original word, they change yellow. If they’re in the right place, they turn green.

Can You Play Octordle Daily?

The objective of Octordle is to correctly guess eight five-letter words. It appears straightforward, but there are no tips, and there are 13 tries to do it properly. On the first test, the application answers in color. If indeed the letter is present there in the word, it’s either in the wrong place, or it doesn’t exist at all. Green means that the word seems to be accurate where the letter is, and grey shows that the letter doesn’t exist at all.

What Game Guesses 8 Words Like Worldle?

There is a game like Wordle where you have to guess 8 words in 13 tries. The rules are very similar to those of Wordle. On world3dmap.com, you may see an instruction on how to play Octordle.


Octordle is a popular word game based on Wordle. Octordle varies from Wordle in the word count. When playing Octordle, the player is attempting to guess a five-letter word. However, when playing Octordle, the player is simultaneously attempting to guess eight five-letter words. It is possible for some players to feel overwhelmed while trying to guess a word with five letters; thus, adding another word with seven letters is not the best option. Octordle is a game for individuals who seek a challenge. Word-savvy gamers may truly test their talents in this game. Wordle-like functionality is included in this game.

It is a browser-based game that follows the same principles as Wordle. If the letters are part of a word, however, in a different place, they will change color to yellow. If they are present in the world and are in the appropriate position, they will become green. It might be quite challenging to roll eight distinct guesses at once and remember which letters were used in each one. Observing the color scheme of the Octordle’s keyboard is a terrific approach to soothe the situation.


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