Rouba Saadeh: Wiki, Height, Weight, Marriage, and More

Rouba Saadeh

Rouba Saadeh founded Le Paradis Des Fous, a store that features international designers. She is well-known as the ex-wife of legendary actor Michele Morrone. In addition, she was thrust into the public eye with the release of the Polish film 365 Days. Because she was married at the time to Michele Morrone, the film actress who played the major role in the movie, even though they got a divorce in 2018, Rouba Saadeh and Michele Morrone are still friends because they have two kids together. You may find out more about Rouba’s work and private life by scrolling a little farther down.


Michelle Morrone, a popular sexual film star, married Rouba Saadeh, a mystery Lebanese woman, in 2014. Most likely, if you’re a Netflix binge watcher, you’ve already watched “365 Days,” which will premiere in June of 2020. The seductive Polish film ranked #1 on Netflix’s Top Ten list. Lebanese-born Rouba Saadeh was born on April 15 of that year. She will be 34 years old in 2021, and she is an Aries according to the Zodiac. She is also multilingual and fluent in Arabic, French, English, and Italian, in addition to her native tongue. Abir Saadeh, her younger sister, and her brother are her only siblings. However, no information has surfaced about her biological parents.

He attended the Notre-Dame de Jamhour school in Baabda. Her education at the ‘Lebanese American University,’ on the other hand, included a bachelor’s in graphic design and probably a master’s in business administration. During this time, Rouba graduated from the ‘Istituto Marangoni’ with a Master’s degree in Fashion Designing. After that, she went to Central Saint Martins in London for a fashion design summer school.

  • Name: Rouba Saadeh
  • Date of Birth: 15th April 1987
  • Age: 35 (As of 2022)
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: Mixed (an Arab Girl)
  • Place of Birth: Beirut, Lebanon
  • Height: 5’7”
  • Nationality: Lebanese
  • Weight: 121 lbs.
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Body Measurements: 34-27-38
  • Hair Colour: Brown

Early Life of Rouba Saadeh

The date of Rouba Saadeh’s birth is April 15. Her current marital status is divorced, and she is 35 years old. She received her formal education at Baabda’s College Notre-Dame de Jamhour. She also graduated from Lebanese American University with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design and a Master of Business Administration. Rouba is a talented fashion model and designer who works tirelessly. To improve her career, she took a Postgraduate Diploma in Fashion Design from Istituto Marangoni. She also attended Central Saint Martins in London for a summer fashion design course.

Rouba Saadeh started her career as a visual web designer there at Alfa MIC 1 in Beirut after graduating from high school and then worked as an assistant to the head of a design team at Elie Saab for a few months. In 2013, the concept store Les Paradis Des Fous opened its doors to the public. She is proficient in Arabic, French, English, and Italian, among others.


In addition, Rouba received her high school diploma in French and the Lebanese Baccalaureate from Notre Dame de Jamhour, which she attended from 1994 to 2004. Later, in 2008, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design & Digital Media from the Lebanese American University. In the same year, Saadeh worked for two months as an intern at “Publicis Graphics Lebanon.” In reality, in 2011, the celebrity partner obtained a Master of Business Administration from the same institution. She also completed a one-year post-graduate certificate in fashion design from Istituto Marangoni in 2012. Even more than that, ever since the year 2008, she has been working hard as a freelance graphic designer.

Personal Life

When Rouba and Michele Morrone met via mutual acquaintances, they began a love engagement. A private ceremony was held in 2014 for Rouba Saadeh to wed her ex-husband. However, the pair kept their relationship covert and did not reveal the date or venue of their nuptials to the public. The wedding of Rouba and Michele was a lavish affair attended by relatives and friends. Rouba gave birth to two kids after her marriage: Marcus and Brado. In 2018, the pair broke their relationship after a few disagreements and other personal reasons.

In an interview, the actor said that he suffered from depression after his marriage. Additionally, he said on Instagram that in order to practice gardening and give up the show, he was willing to leave it all behind and go to a farm. 365 Days was one of his most notable acting accomplishments after a year away from the industry. He returned to acting after a year away. A photo of him and a quotation were shared on Instagram.

Body Dimensions of Rouba Saadeh

Rouba, a 5’6″ young girl, was a wonderful sight. She, too, weighs about 55 kg. Her bust, waist, and hip measurements are 34-25-34 inches in length. Bra size 32B, shoe size 5 (UK) or 6, respectively (US). Her hair and eyes are both a deep shade of brown. Despite her little stature, Rouba is undeniably attractive. Since she eats healthily and works out modestly, she maintains her body shape. Her tattoos include an infinity symbol on her wrist as well as a few pieces on the right-hand side of her chest.

Social Media and Net Worth

She is likely to have accumulated a sizable fortune as a result of her work in the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, she has a net worth of $ 550 thousand. On the other hand, her ex-husband Michele, to who she is no longer married, has a net worth of around one million dollars. Using the username @roubasaadeh, you may find Rouba on Instagram. She currently has more than 127,500 followers on Instagram. Instagram is the only social media platform she uses.

Wedding to Michele Morrone

Rouba Saadeh’s relationship with Michele Morrone is unknown to the public. However, it is known that they met during Morrone’s vacation to Lebanon in 2011. When he first met her, he was instantly smitten and even wrote a sonnet in her honor. The pair, who had been dating for some time, married in 2014 in two secret ceremonies, one in Italy and the other in Lebanon. They have two children in the span of three years: Marcus Morrone was born in 2012, and Brado Morrone was born three years later in 2014. When the two of them decided to divorce in 2018, their marriage was over. They are still on excellent terms and have joint custody of their children. Rouba has not yet found a partner.

Career Beginnings

Michele Morrone began his acting career on stage, playing Noah’s Cat in the Fraschini Theatre’s performance in 2010. “Second Chance” and “Like a Dolphin 2,” a follow-up to the TV miniseries “Like a Dolphin,” were both released in 2011, and he appeared in both of these films in the following year. After that, he appeared in Pino Quartullo’s 2012 short film “E La Vita Continua” and the female band Makay’s music video for “In Viaggio.”

Rise to Fame

Following his appearance as Bruno Sacchi in the episode “Passioni Sprecate” of the TV comedy series “Provaci Ancora prof!” in 2015, Michele Morrone participated in the Italian version of “Dancing with The Stars” in 2016. After that, in 2017, he featured Peter there in the short horror film “Who’s The Beast” and portrayed the role of Ares, also known as Gegè, in the six-part fantasy comedy miniseries “Sirene” that aired on television. After that, he played Marcello My in the TV movie “Renata Fonte” (2018) and had a cameo in Alessandro Zizzo’s short film “L’ultimo Giorno Del Toro” the same year. When Giulio Base wrote and directed “Bar-Joseph” in 2019, Michele was cast as Luigi, the ship’s captain, and he also appeared in two episodes of the television historical drama series “Medici.”

Worldwide Recognition

“The Trial,” a television criminal drama series that premiered on Netflix, also stars Michele Morrone as Claudio Cavalleri. 365 Days (2020), directed by Barbara Biaows and Tomasz Mandes, was the next film in which he portrayed Massimo Torricelli. Additionally, the movie was made available on Netflix, where it was a huge hit, making Michele a household name throughout the globe. Massimo will reprise his role as Massimo in the next “365 Days” sequel, which is now in pre-production.

A Career in Music and Other Activities

Michael Michele is also a singer and guitarist in addition to his acting profession. Universal Music, Agora, as well as Polydor Germany, published his first studio album, “Dark Room,” in February 2020. “Watch Me Burn” and “It’s Hard for Me” are among the many tracks that were on the “365 Days” soundtrack. Aurum Roma, a women’s beachwear apparel brand founded by Michele Morrone in August 2020, is expected to be a success. Chiara Pollano, a well-known fashion designer, has worked with him on many projects.

Who Is Rouba Saadeh’s Current Husband?

It was in 2014 when Rouba Saadeh wed Michele Morrone or Mick O’Morr and began a new life together. The devoted spouse became a parent in the same year. Marcus Morrone, the couple’s first child, was born on September 24, 2014, after they tied the knot. On September 1, 2017, Rouba Saadeh gave birth to Michele Morrone’s second son, Brando Morrone, after three years of marriage. However, destiny had other plans for the pair, and in 2018, they were forced to part ways. Michelle Morrone and Rouba Saadeh have not yet tied the knot. Despite the fact that they’re living apart, they’re still taking care of their children. Both have shown off their families in public on several occasions.

Are Rouba Saadeh and Michele Morrone Back Together?

Their divorce hasn’t stopped them from seeing one other often. As a consequence, there have been rumors that the two have rekindled their romance. These claims are unsubstantiated. Rouba, a single mother of two, works two jobs in addition to raising her children. With her newfound worldwide fan base, it is evident that many of them want her to team up with Morrone. On their social media accounts, the parents can be seen actively co-parenting their children. Additionally, Michele Morrone is still leaving comments on Saadeh’s Instagram postings.

Rouba Saadeh and Michele Morrone: 12 Interesting Facts

In 2013, Mr. Morrone And Rouba Saadeh Were Dating

Rouba Saadeh, Michele Morrone’s ex-wife, and Morrone ran into one other in 2013 and fell in love instantly. Morrone was already married at the time. One year after dating, a couple is finally ready to tie the knot. Rouba and Morrone were married in 2014. In the meanwhile, Michele Morrone has posted several photos of him and his family on social media. Because of this, it is not easy to determine the reasons for the couple’s breakup and subsequent separation. After learning Michele Morrone is presently available to date, who would you want to see him with?

365 Days/DNI May Have Split Up the Pair

It’s only an opinion, but it’s definitely feasible. Rouba Saadeh asked for a divorce in 2018. And it seems that the court found Rouba’s argument compelling enough to grant her entry. Divorce records show that the pair had problems while working on Morrone’s all-time greatest success, 365 days, according to the timeframes provided by Michele. Now, there’s no denying that the film was sexually explicit. And the situations were enough to cause a wife to feel uneasy or envious. So, what’s your take on the situation?

Rouba Saadeh Is Well-Known in Italy

When a celebrity marries a less well-known individual, Hollywood isn’t happy about it. Rouba and Michele, on the other hand, had no such limitations. As a fashion designer in Rome, Italy, Rouba Saadeh is a well-known Lebanese designer. Today, she is the coordinator for Elie Saab, Italy’s premier fashion house. Rouba was formerly the CEO and co-founder of Le Paradis Des Fou. However, Rouba’s passion for graphic design extends well beyond only her studies. In addition, he works on design projects on the side. All of this information may be found on her up-to-date LinkedIn page.

It Was Difficult for Michele to Part Ways with Rouba

These days, it’s difficult to have a healthy romantic relationship when one spouse in a marriage stops showing interest in the other while the other spouse perseveres regardless! It’s a harrowing event for both parties. And in contrast to superstars in Hollywood, Polish actress Michele Morrone, who had just divorced Rouba Saadeh, fell headfirst into a deep melancholy following the breakup. Michele Morrone informed his Instagram followers in 2018 that he was quitting the performing industry. He ended up becoming bankrupt as a result. After that, he worked as a gardener in a hamlet for a day’s pay. When Michele finally went back into acting in 2019, he was immediately given the challenging role of 365 DNI, which was published in June 2020. Now you can watch it on Netflix.

“F.R.I.E.N.D.S” After D.I.V.O.R.C.E – Rouba Saadeh & M.M

During a breakup, what is the most difficult part? On a daily basis, when you have to deal with the same individual, Even though they are no longer married, Michele & Rouba Saadeh still seem to be friends just for their two kids. Michele has been known to provide encouraging remarks on Saadeh’s Instagram photos on occasion. It also spooks a lot of people. As a fan of an actor or actress, we’re sure to be envious of their other half. We, on the other hand, despise individuals who make others sad and upset. As a result, Saadeh is often vilified by followers of Michele. Similarly, admirers of Jennifer Aniston took offense at Brad Pitt’s decision to separate from her and pair her with Angelina Jolie. Sadness filled the air at the time.

Ex-Husband Of Rouba Saadeh Is Also a Singer

Michele Morrone has a successful acting career, but she also has a successful singing career. It’s hard to forget the iconic 365 DNI song – Feel it! That is correct! The song features Michele Morrone’s fascinating vocals. In albums like Dark Room, he displays some of his greatest vocals. The official YouTube channel of Michele Morrone recently received millions of views on original music videos. Because of the sensual nature of Morrone’s music and the resulting fervor among his female fans, he has a cult following. Check out Michele Morrone’s YouTube account for more videos. Feel It, the anthem from 365 days, has millions of views and over 169 thousand subscribers.

Morrone Started Small

How many performers do you believe had the most difficult transition from the stage to the screen? Examples, there are Daniel Radcliffe, Nathan Lane, Neil Patrick Harris, and many more. Let’s add Michele Morrone’s name to the list, as well. Michele Morrone was a theatrical performer in Italy before meeting Rouba Saadeh. When he was in his 30s, he became a household name in both Italian and Polish cinema. There is “The Trial,” “Medici,” “Come, Un Delfino,” “Sirene,” and “Squadra Antimafia,” to mention just a few examples.

Michele Morrone Had 19 Tattoos; His Ex-Wife Has None

Do you believe that a husband and wife may go as far as their own interests? Well! Michelle Morrone and Rouba Saadeh have diametrically opposed personalities, as seen by photos posted on Rouba’s Instagram account. Both women are stunning and have lavish lives. When it comes to tattoos, Mr. Morrone is a big enthusiast. The actor just became popular because he had 19 visible tattoos. For your convenience, here is a list:

  • It reads “18.04.2003” on my wrist. It seems to be the anniversary of the death of Michele’s father.
  • Cloudy Skies Above (left-side pec). Cloud seems to be Morrone’s favorite dog.
  • Tattoo of an eagle’s head on the left side of the palm. Michele seems to have a strong faith in reincarnation and the afterlife.
  • The Brandon tattoo on Brando’s shoulder (on the right) honors his son of the same name.
  • 3rd digit on the right hand’s third finger. In October of 1990, he was born.
  • Inking of the cross. Michele identifies as a Christian.
  • Marus Tattoo is a name given to a tattoo artist. The name of a third child.
  • The Arabic tattoo is an homage to the ONE who created it (spelling My God)
  • The tattoo “Our Lady of Aparecida” honors the mother of Jesus.

So, it seems that Michele Morrone is a big admirer of inking the most beautiful and heartbreaking times of his life. In certain cases, it is used as a means of coping with depression. Tattoos, on the other hand, have been shown to provide an incalculable amount of comfort to those who are grieving. What are your thoughts?

Rouba Saadeh’s Net Worth Vs. Michele Morrone’s

Because of Milinda Gates’ divorce settlement, the public is very concerned when their favorite star is going through a divorce. It is estimated that Michele Morrone’s net worth is USD 5 million, according to Hollywood Net Worth. The net worth of Rouba Saadeh is $2 million. To your surprise, the news that Rouba received $2 million in her divorce settlement from Morrone has gone viral. However, as of yet, there are no reliable sources to support this claim. We’ll let you know as soon as we know!

365 DNI Raked in Almost $10 Million In Ticket Sales

When a movie smashes all box office records, the cast members get a lot of attention. It was revealed during the second week of Netflix’s existence that the film had grossed an estimated $10 billion at the box office. In your opinion, how much money does Michele Morrone earn as the film’s principal actor? According to some accounts, Michele Morrone earned more than $2 million from the film. How wonderful!

Earnings From Michele Morrone’s YouTube Channel

Astonishingly, superstars have so many sources of money! Brand endorsements, YouTube channels, music CDs, and theatre and concerts are all places where they may make a lot of money. 365 days will be available on Netflix in 2020. Its song “Feel It” became an internet sensation. Michele Morrone seems to own the rights to the tune. The song had 14 million views in one month. The media source estimated Michele Morrone’s YouTube earnings at roughly $7,000 based on data from YouTube’s monetization system. For a short journey, I think it’s adequate.

Guess And Dolce & Gabbana Commercials

For his seductiveness, Michele Morrone quickly became an internet sensation throughout the film’s 114-minute runtime. For Dolce & Gabbana’s next ad, they contacted Morrone because of the fangirls’ appreciation of his physical appearance.

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