Everything You Need to Know About xResolver in 2022


Are you interested in finding Software that can abbreviate the IP addresses that are linked to the gamer tags as well as usernames that you use for Microsoft as well as Sony’s Xbox and PlayStation systems? You’ve arrived at the right place. In this section, we will investigate the “xResolver” platform and website, which enables users to transform gamer tags as well as usernames into a format that is easily understood as an IP address. The next step is to investigate “xResolver.”

What Is xResolver?

Players’ Gamertags & IP addresses are stored in a database maintained by xResolver. Username and gamer tag protection was a primary goal for the development of xResolver. xResolver’s principal job is to generate IP addresses from user names and gamer tags. As a consequence, xResolver contains an Xbox resolver that scrapes data such as an Xbox player’s login, IP address, and Internet service provider address using bots.

Also, the PlayStation resolver, which is part of xResolver, does the same thing for gamers who use Sony’s PlayStation. Because it may both divulge your personal information to prospective hackers and alert you to oncoming DDoS assaults, this website has the potential to be both a blessing and a curse. However, as stated on the website:

  • The information is public domain. Thus, it’s lawful.
  • It is possible to have your Gamertag and some other sensitive information restricted or deleted by paying a fee. This is not the way to go.

XResolver: A Web-Based Database

xResolver is a well-known spying tool if you’ve ever wished to snoop on individuals online. IP addresses of persons who play multiplayer games are stored in a web-based database. Public IP address records, according to the service, will no longer include Gamertags that have been removed by it. However, how can you be sure that the service is safe? xResolver registration is the first step.

Users that run scraping tools, as well as information that is freely accessible on the web, are both sources of data for the website. Scraping software that records IP addresses is required to make use of this capability. After then, xResolver’s database is updated with the new information. Over 25 million accounts were claimed to have been addressed by the service. However, if you don’t want to pay hackers to steal your information, you should still utilize the service.

How to Use xResolver Software

The only thing you’ll need to do to get the most out of xResolver is to identify issues with doors, windows, electrical systems, as well as plumbing fittings. Finally, utilize the built-in tool to discover and address any issues. Start by visiting the website and downloading the relevant drivers for your devices, Software, or combination of both. Unpack the file and allow the application to do its thing once the drivers are ready. With this information in hand, you can begin making a comprehensive inventory of the hardware and systems in your house or company.

Why Should I Keep My IP Address Secure When I Play Games Online?

It is important to safeguard your IP address when playing online games for a variety of reasons. One of the most significant reasons is to keep people from finding out where you are. Anyone with access to your IP address may readily determine where you reside if it is not encrypted. There is a risk that someone might come to your home and harm you or your family. Secure your IP address in order to keep hackers out of your computer system. A cyber assault might be launched against you if a hacker has access to your IP address. It’s possible that they’ll steal your personal information or install malware on your machine.

Use a virtual private network (VPN) to hide your IP address (a virtual private network). Using a virtual private network (VPN) makes it impossible for anybody to see your IP address since it encrypts all of the data that is sent between your computer as well as the Internet. Be sure to do some research to locate a VPN service that best meets your requirements. While playing video games on the Internet, it’s critical that you keep your IP address private. By doing this, people will be unable to find out where you are, and your computer will be protected from intruders.

How To Get a New IP Address?

Only the PC or console’s local IP address may be altered. When it comes to modifying your public IP address, though, you’ll need the help of your internet service provider (ISP). Hackers may take advantage of this readable IP format. Turn off and then switch back on your router if you have a dynamic IP address to see if it helps. Contact your Internet service provider (ISP) in the event that this does not work since you have a static IP address.

Using a virtual private network (VPN) is the best way to protect your identity. However, in order to connect to the Internet, you’ll need a public IP address. A virtual private network (VPN) hides your real IP address and assigns you a new one. A hacker may still see the latter and have you removed from the service even if they don’t know who you are.

What Is the Purpose of XResolver?

Database/website xResolver keeps track of players’ IP addresses and their link to their Gamertags as well as their online identities. It’s important to keep in mind that since this information is publicly accessible, sharing it on a public website isn’t against the law. People who are interested in finding out which IP address corresponds to your PS4, Xbox, or PC account are probably not doing it for the right reasons. Who would care about your IP address if not your friends? a hacker

Your online identity is linked to your actual internet connection through the xResolver service, which may be accessed by interested parties. DDOS (distributed denial-of-service) assaults may now be used against you in a variety of ways. Let’s pretend, for the sake of argument, that you soundly defeated another player in a competitive match of League of Legends. This gamer becomes enraged and resolves to get revenge. It’s possible to go to xResolver.com, punch in your Gamertag/PSN ID, retrieve your IP address, and then aim for your internet connection to be very sluggish.

How Hackers Can Steal Your IP Address While You’re Playing

In order to transmit and receive critical data, your computer’s IP address is required. All of your information is at risk if your system is breached. Like a delivery address in online purchasing, your Internet Protocol (IP) is a unique identifier for your computer. An Internet service provider (ISP) assigns each customer a unique set of numbers. If you choose, you may choose to have a set IP address. While playing an online game, hackers may get your IP address by accessing the server where the game is being played. Players may not only construct their own servers, but they can also host their own as well. A significant danger is that their whole network will be blacklisted if they capture a live user’s IP address using this method.

What Should You Do If Your Name Appears on XResolver?

As long as you know your Gamertag/PSN ID, you may put it into Xresolver’s search bar and verify whether it already knows your account’s IP address. According to the webpage, about 25 million accounts have been “resolved” as of right now. If your name appears in the xResolver database, it’s not ideal, but it’s also not the end of the world. If you’re on the Internet, it doesn’t guarantee you’re being targeted. Your data was scraped and released by a hacker who played an online game with you.

If you pay for something like a premium service, several websites, like xResolver and others like it, make the promise that they would “blacklist” your personal information. One website may remove this data from its system; however, it does not mean that its rivals will follow suit. They’re attempting to defraud you of the money you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Because they have no real authority to defend you, they don’t need to be negotiated with in any way whatsoever. Change your IP address and keep it safe in the future instead of taking action now.

Features of xResolver

Location-Based Identification

Do you want to know where your online gaming opponent is located? XResolver has a geo IP lookup service that allows you to achieve this. XResolver has one of the most crucial features that allow you to get vital IP data. All you have to do is choose the lookup option, and the required data will be shown.

IP Logger

In order to get a person’s IP address, give them tailored URLs. From the perspective of geo IP information, it is critical to customize the connections created by the program. People can use it to gather all the essential information about the browser and the location of the user. It provides additional capabilities while also helping to identify Incognito mode.

PSN/Gamer Tag Resolver

Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners will enjoy Xresolver’s robust functionality. Using the program makes finding IP addresses a lot easier since it has a tonne of information already built in. You no longer have to go through hundreds of bots in order to discover a username or gamer tag. Because of the artificial intelligence included in XResolver, complex tasks are simplified. Each day, the database receives the addition of hundreds of brand-new records from the Internet.

Absolutely User Friendly

XResolver is a breeze to use, and finding your opponent online just takes a few minutes. You may get the IP address by pressing the resolve option. This can also discover the gamer tag in the same way.

Personal IP Address Blacklisting

Xresolver’s blacklisting function is a premium add-on that you can buy separately. This makes it possible for other online gamers to determine your IP address and other personal information. No matter how hard they try to dig through the Internet, they will never be able to find you.

Top 7 Alternatives to xResolver

You must be aware of the following choices. This is not an ethical practice, so be aware of it. If you must use them, ensure that you have a valid cause, such as removing an aggressive player or cheater from the server.

Xbox Resolver

Xbox Resolver is a web-based utility that determines a player’s IP address based on their Xbox game code or even Gamertag. The Xbox Resolver is an IP sniffer program that enables players to learn more about their rivals and utilize that knowledge to their advantage when playing. Consider this option if you want to keep an eye on your own network and identify packets with the finest Xbox IP resolver.

You can retrieve a player’s IP address, username, and geolocation using complex algorithms. It’s also worth noting that, like xResolver, this Xbox IP Grabber supports both Wi-Fi and lane 6 networks, making protocol monitoring a breeze.Using this IP puller might lead to a delay in the retrieval of player information. Consider refreshing the page if you’re stuck in an abnormally lengthy queue. If you have any issues utilizing this program, you should join their discord group discussion so that you can get additional information and support.

Lance Remastered PCPS

Lance Remastered PCPS is an Xbox IP grabber that is comparable to xResolver and is worth checking if you are in the market for one. You can get IPs from PlayStation, Xbox Live, and PC, as well as other game consoles using this program. Because of its regular release upgrades and simplicity of resolving Gamertags to IPs, this IP grabber is very stable and dependable.

As a bonus, it’s completely free to use. In other words, you won’t need to worry about paying for pricey add-ons. In addition, the setup procedure is rather straightforward. There are several user manuals with how-to instructions. Having difficulties starting this program? Contact us. The tool is online and offline. A user may still obtain information about their opponent when playing offline.


OctoSniff may help you get more out of your gaming connections and win more often. Online games have never made it easier to learn about your opponent. The IP sniffer is compatible with a wide range of popular game consoles, including PlayStation and Xbox.

It’s easy to set up, and the knowledge base includes a tonne of lessons. Check them out if the need arises. Packet filters, geolocation, IP to username, and DDoS protection are just a few of OctoSniff other important capabilities. OctoSniff is a premium tool, but it has a very reasonable price and is well worth the money. There is also a free trial option available with every purchase.

Xbox One Booter

There are several Xbox IP grabbers that are comparable to xResolver.Only a few programs offer to perform offline booting to get player IP. One such example is Xbox One Booter. Using layer 4 and layer 7 assaults, Xbox One Booter is a strong IP puller that will enable you to easily take down your opponents and win the game.

This program not only takes Xbox users offline and grabs their IPs, but it also gets other private information about them. Geolocation, username, and city are only a few of the pieces of information that you can retrieve using this Software. The Xbox One Booter’s main drawback is that it is only compatible with the Xbox platform.

Console Sniffer

Another excellent IP grabber works on all major game consoles outside Xbox, including PlayStation and Nintendo. It’s simple to set up without any need for jailbreak. It’s simple to find out the IP address and username of another player using Console Sniffer. Unlike other high-end IP grabbers, this one is affordable while yet providing unmatched performance on all current game consoles.

The application employs clever network packet filters as well as powerful algorithms to gather information such as a player’s IP address, username, and geolocation. Additionally, the Console Sniffer works with the top VPN service providers like a home network monitor, providing you even more discretion while playing online games. Console Sniffer is a good choice if you’re seeking an Xbox IP sniffer like xResolver.

Xbox Replay

Free home network surveillance and packet identification software, Xbox Replay, makes it simple to identify your other players. Most game consoles are compatible with the IP grabber. This site’s network monitoring, as well as packet analysis methods, employ a complicated set of algorithms to make retrieving a gamer’s IP, username, and geolocation quite straightforward.

It’s really simple to get started with this IP grabber. Unlike other free Xbox IP grabbers like xResolver, there are no complicated setup processes to deal with here. Enter the opponent’s Gamertag or username, and you’ll see information like IP, username, city, and so on.

Psycho Coding

Using Psycho Coding’s VPN service, Xbox users may hide their real IP address from their ISP. You can easily retrieve players’ IP addresses with the help of the website’s DDoS protection and sophisticated Xbox filters, unique packet filters, and other capabilities.

Other information gathered and shown by Psycho Coding includes the opponent’s IP address, username, geography, and Internet service provider. Aside from that, getting started with this platform is a breeze. It’s a snap to get everything up and running. If you need to, you could look at their setup guides. Just to make sure you’re aware, the IP puller works with every other game console out there except Xbox.

Do I Have to Pay For xResolver To Blacklist My IP Address?

On xResolver, users who use OctoSniff are more likely to provide personal information such as their IP address. With other users using a scraping application, you’ll have your Gamertag linked to their IP address. Linked Gamertags may cause DDoS assaults. We highly recommend you avoid taking part in online public sessions where hackers are present, such as playing online games. You may use xResolver to ban itIf your Gamertag is not connected with your IP address. Is it possible to erase your IP address from the public log with this premium feature? In other words, don’t choose this route; it’s an effort to fleece you out of your hard-earned money. Paying hackers isn’t the only way to blacklist your IP address.

Is xResolver Legal?

xResolver is a simple hacking tool if you want to get into gaming servers. This online application shortens usernames and Gamertags into IP addresses. Is it, however, legal? This is something that we’ll go into in depth in the next paragraphs. Also, find out why it is slowing down your gaming experience. So why should you avoid doing so in the first place? Learn how to securely hack games with this tool in the next paragraphs.

You may convert your Gamertag into an IP address with xResolver if you’re sick of changing it each time you play online. A smart technique to ensure that no one can figure out your genuine IP address is to use this service. Both PlayStation and Xbox users may use resolver. An absolute noob may use it with ease because of the simple user interface. As a result, you won’t have to worry about getting caught since it is made to be user-friendly and safe.

To make use of xResolver, you’ll need a machine with an IP address. It is possible to easily generate a new IP address using the “Create New” option. The next step is to create an account and adhere to the provided instructions in order to safeguard your personal data. Once you’ve signed up, you may use your Microsoft or Sony credentials to log in.


As long as users are connected to the Internet, these sites routinely gather the IP addresses of other individuals while they are playing computer games.Decrypting the data enables xResolver, OctoSniff, and other similar websites to determine which Gamertag corresponds to which IP address. The information is then put into their data sources, making it available to hackers as well. Finally, since your IP address reveals your location, your network is vulnerable to DDoS assaults. A common practice among online gamers is to pay a fee to have their IP addresses blacklisted from their usage in future assaults. For your own safety, avoid participating in public or private gaming sessions with people you don’t know, and don’t click on links in such games.


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